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Expedite action on completing cannabis regulatory frameworks – Rastafari Council

The Rastafari Council under the auspices of its Advocacy Commission held the 3rd National Cannabis Conference at the MUSIGA Hall in Accra under the theme ‘Ghana Beyond Aid; the cannabis factor.’ 

In his opening address, the President of the Council, Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, implored the 8th parliament to expedite action on completing the regulatory frameworks which will make the enacted law functional, while congratulating the 7th parliament for the bold step it took to pass the act.

“Such a step will give impetus to President Akufo-Addo’s call for a Ghana Beyond Aid” he said.


Scherill Powell Murray, a Florida based attorney with specialization in cannabis legislation described cannabis as a liberating plant with immense potential for both the individual and the nation.

She advised advocates in Ghana to organize and centralize their efforts as well as acquire expertise in the cannabis industry. 

Godfred Aboagye, the co-founder of CBD International and one of the main speakers of the conference called for increased public-private engagements in the formation of policies regarding cannabis.

He argued that adult usage of cannabis is huge in Ghana and so legislation must look at the entire scope of THC and the numerous therapeutic and economic benefits that can be derived.

Godfred Aboagye also said that enacting such laws and policies will position the country properly for significant tourism gains.

“Cannabis will increase Ghana’s GDP if properly regulated”, Godfred Aboagye said as he advised the government to identify all the black and grey areas in the marketplace and institute proper taxation mechanisms in order to realize the profits from the trade.

Ras Demus, the first recipient of a license to farm and distribute in Jamaica, and speaker at the conference urged all advocates in Ghana to be consistent in their push towards total legalization of the plant in its entirety.

He called on Ghanaians who are interested in the industry to start preparing by acquiring machines and getting ready to invest in the industry.

He advised participants to identify areas within the industry where they can invest as the opportunities presented are enormous.

The chairman of the Advocacy Commission, Khex Pongo, called on government not to miss out on the green gold industry as the opportunities will not last forever. He called on the President to give the Presidential assent to the Narcotics Commission Act.

The conference was also hosted on Zoom and Facebook and had participants from around the world.

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